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Cal Poly Arts is committed to providing educational outreach for students of all ages.

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In-school activities for K-12 students:

Friday, October 11
– MORNING (1 classroom or assembly)

Keola's philosophy is that life should contain both meaning and joy. The composer and slack key guitar master evokes the richness of Hawaii's music and dance traditions in music and stories that touch both heart and soul. “When I was growing up, my mother would often say, “Malama Ko Aloha.” Mom wanted us to cherish or keep our love. Her idea was that by keeping Aloha in our hearts and reflecting upon its meaning in our lives, we could help the idea of Aloha to grow in the world. Thanks to my mother, Aloha became much more than a word to me. It became a way of being in the world.”

Suitable for Elementary, Middle or High School

Thursday, October 24
– MORNING & AFTERNOON (2 assemblies)

An award-winning educator for nearly 20 years, Joe’s one-hour (approx.) presentation includes a demonstration of musical instruments and “found sound” from around the world. This performance, mixed with motivational speaking about self-expression (with some audience participation) is completely self-contained with sound system, etc., when possible. Joe has taken this presentation to numerous schools, universities, teacher in-services, detention centers, special needs facilities, music camps, American String Teacher’s Association and corporate clients such as Wells Fargo and Enloe Medical Center.

Suitable for Elementary, Middle or High School

Tuesday, March 17, 2014 – 
AFTERNOON (North County)
Wednesday, March 18 – MORNING (South County)

Story Pirates are best known for the Idea Storm Program, a master-class writing workshop that brings teaching concepts to life, followed by a musical sketch comedy show featuring stories by students and performed by professional artists. Pirates' curriculum focuses on core elements of national standards for Arts Education and English Language Arts, while providing rich cultural experiences that push the boundaries of traditional enrichment to tackle substantive educational goals like vocabulary development, story structure, revision, and confident self-expression.

“The Story Pirates teach kids a love of creative writing. It helps kids to see that their words and ideas are really important. I believe that what the Story Pirates are doing is helping America, nay, humanity - helping humanity itself. It’s crazy entertaining.”  - Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

Suitable for Middle or High School

Friday, April 11, 2014
– MORNING (1 classroom)

Bringing together four of the leading acoustic guitarists of their generation, The Great Guitars – featuring Martin Taylor, Frank Vignola, Vinnie Raniolo and Peppino D’Agostino – continues the guitar supergroup tradition. These four luminaries of the acoustic guitar will teach a master class to local intermediate and advanced guitar students.

Suitable for intermediate and advanced high school guitarists


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