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Endowment Fund / Youth Outreach

Thank you for considering a donation to Cal Poly Arts.

Cal Poly Arts Endowment

Cal Poly Arts maintains an Endowment Fund built from many years of support for our programming endeavors.  These funds come primarily from individuals and foundations interested in sustaining long-term organizational goals.


The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to perpetuate Cal Poly Arts' capacity to serve the Central Coast as a diverse, high-quality arts presenter for decades to come. It is designed to generate a reliable, predictable source of income for Cal Poly Arts that will not fluctuate with ticket sales and the economy.


Currently, income from our $500,000 endowment provides the organization with approximately $25,000 in annual income. While this is not an insignificant amount, it represents only 1.3% of our $1.8M annual operating budget.  In order to ensure the long-term health and success of Cal Poly Arts, the Endowment Fund should be supplying 10% of our annual budget.  

To accomplish that, we need to increase the size of our Endowment Fund from $500,000 to $3,600,000, thus generating $180,000 per year to support our programs.

A strong endowment protects the least commercial programming: classical music, dance, theatre, family programming, jazz, and emerging artists. In an unstable economy, events such as these are the first to be sacrificed because they require the largest subsidy.

To secure its long-term future and the integrity of its mission, Cal Poly Arts must do more to protect its non-commercial programming through the growth of the Endowment Fund.


In the community at large, Cal Poly Arts is relied upon to provide a rich, professional performing arts experience for the people of the Central Coast. The University relies upon Cal Poly Arts to support the campus' educational mission and to support the Performing Arts Center by remitting rental charges and paying for technical support and Ticket Office fees. Ticket sales alone do not begin the cover these expectations.


Cal Poly Arts seeks Endowment Fund gifts of cash or other assets through major contributions and bequests. Gifts may be payable in quarterly annual installments. For more information, email the Cal Poly Arts Director or call 805/756-6552.

Specially-Designated Endowment Funds

Endowment donors may give unrestricted gifts to be added to Cal Poly Arts' general Endowment Fund or they may designate a specific purpose for which the earnings from their gift must be used.  For example, funds may be designated to support the presentation of a specific arts genre, such as classical music or dance.  It may also be designated to support youth programs.

Youth Arts Education Endowment

The purpose of the Youth Arts Education Endowment is to provide a consistent source of income to Poly Arts for Youth (PAFY), Cal Poly Arts' youth outreach program.

Cal Poly Arts offers a series of arts education and enrichment programs for young people through our PAFY program. 

Throughout each season, PAFY will augment regional K-12 Arts in Education curricula – greatly reduced by state and local budget cuts – with in-school appearances by Cal Poly Arts artists and performance groups. PAFY will also provide multiple opportunities for Cal Poly students to participate in creative activities with several of our professional performers through various workshop environments.

Please click here to make a secure online donation to our PAFY program.

Student Rush

Student Rush discounts are designed to enable and encourage students to attend available programming. $10 "Rush" tickets are offered to all K-12 and college students (based on ticket availability).